Associazione Indigenous Langa

A glass of wine with roots that dig into the soil of a hill illuminated by the sun: with this image, which represents the wines derived from local vine varieties and their authenticity, the Associazione Indigenous Langa, founded in 2015, presents itself. The organization unites the producers of Nascetta who share the common objective of protecting and endorsing the Nascetta vine variety and its wine products. “The wines produced from the Nascetta vine,” reads the Charter, “represent an economic, touristic, and cultural resource and for its unique characteristics it is also a defense of tradition and the local environment.” Driven by this imperative, Indigenous Langa proposes to univocally protect and promote, in its first phase of life, the rediscovered Nascetta vine and its denominations in order to develop its production, protection, research, distribution, and image at a regional, national, and international level. Soon the organization will be extended to other local Langa vine varieties specifically to preserve and promote what our territory offers.
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