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Cascina Corte

Cascina Corte is a small winery that we, Amalia Battaglia and Sandro Barosi, have brought back to life with passion and enthusiasm.

In the years following 2003, we increased the number of our vineyards and expanded our production range to include wines such as Riesling and Nascetta, and subsequently Freisa and Pinot Nero. After another two years or so, in September 2008, we were able to make the big move and come to live at Cascina Corte.

Borgata Valdiberti, 33 | 12063 Dogliani (CN)

+39 0173 743539

Denominazione di Origine Controllata

Vineyard: Municipality of Neive

Grape variety: Nascetta

Certification: Organic, natural manure treated with verdigris and sulfur

Maceration and fermentation: natural fermentation in amphora without added yeasts with manual punching

Ageing: 11 months in amphora and 2 months in bottle

Serving temperature: 10 °C 

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